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Hey! I’m a Yummly Publisher!

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YO! Are you on Yummly? If not, you’ve been missing out, my friends! Today, I’m proud to announce that I’m a Yummly Publisher! I started to become interested in Yummly probably some time in 2012 before their current brilliant UX and UI design. (I even looked to see if they had any design job openings at the time, but only found out that they’re based out in California! I literally said “DARRRN” out loud because I was so excited about this company.)

Yummly Publisher

So what makes me so fond of Yummly? It does the filtering for you right out the gate just by you telling them what your general taste preferences are. Can’t eat peanuts? No problem. It won’t show you ANY recipe that has peanuts in it. Only looking for Italian and Chinese recipes? No problem. Check those cuisines off the list in your profile. And the kitchen isn’t your happiest place to be? No problem. Select “Beginner” as your cooking skill.

The site is just so simple to use – you Yum a recipe and it’ll automatically get added to your recipe box. Each recipe in the grid shows you a picture of the dish, plus a quick list of the ingredients, and cooking time. All of that gives you just enough info you need to know before putting that recipe into your recipe box – it is simplicity that I need when I’m browsing at hundreds of recipes.

Yummly Publisher

Another feature that makes Yummly stands out from other food recipe sites is their filter system when searching. For example, you can do advanced searches of a dish by how sweet, salty, or spicy your taste preference is – all you need to do is to slide the preference bars left or right. But wait! There’s more! Are you also a vegan who’s allergic to sesame, who’s also looking for a version of that dish that’s lower in calories? Yummly can filter ALL of that for you!

See? I didn’t lie. Yummly is really the best recipe sites out there on the web you can ask for. So get in there, push those Yum buttons and start building your recipe box today!

I’ve recently added a Yum button on my social share bar. Now you can add your favorite Saucy Spatula recipes to your recipe box with just one click!

New to Yummly? Here is a good place to start! 😉 http://www.yummly.com/page/saucy-spatula


  • http://www.theworktop.com/ Tina Jui

    Ah, I’m just trying to figure out and sort out Yummly for my site. I put the button on yesterday, so we’ll see where it goes :)

    • http://www.saucy-spatula.com/ Saucy Spatula

      Yummly has been great for bringing extra traffic so far (been using it for about a month now). I love their interface and UX. Some days I can just get lost in Yummly (sorry, Pinterest!)

      I would love to know how Yummly would turn out for your blog! :)

  • http://www.recipetineats.com Nagi | RecipeTin Eats

    It’s brilliant isn’t it? I really like Yummly!! It’s usually my first point of call for recipe ideas nowadays! :) Congrats, looking forward to seeing your awesome recipes on there!! :)

    • http://www.saucy-spatula.com/ Saucy Spatula

      Totally! It’s been occupying my time even more than Pinterest these days (should I feel a little guilty?)!

  • Kathleen @ hapanom


    • http://www.saucy-spatula.com/ Saucy Spatula

      Thanks Kathleen! I’m still pretty new to it, and need to grow my recipe box! Let me pop over and yum some of your delicious recipes now!